Apple Watch Series 7 may go up for pre -order October 8th

When Apple first announced the Apple Watch Series 7, they didn’t mention when the watch would be available. This seemed to be only in line with previous media reports indicating production problems and late effects of the clock’s availability. Recently, there was a story from Jon Prosser It said the device could start shipping mid -October.

If this is true, then the first few instructions have to be done before that, and now we know the sixth time. According to a report from AppleTrack, it appears that Hermes has sent emails to its customers informing them that the device is expected to be available for pre -order on October 8th.

Why from Hermes, you ask? In case you didn’t know, Hermes and Apple have worked together in the past on Apple Watch displays. We’ve never had a word about the partner retiring, so there’s a reason Hermes was able to continue making Apple Watch straps for the Series 7, and they may have been given dates for pre -order so they can prepare their bookings.

None of him is official, obviously, and we’ve also seen companies that first jumped on the bandwagon, which may not surprise your expectations, but there should be more details next week.

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