Blocking of this small duct can be obtained in WW3

The Strait of Hormuz is small, but its location makes it powerful.

We all saw what happened when the Suez Canal is blocked due to a stranded ship. The torn one Always a mega-container ship resulted in approximately $ 9.6 billion in cargo blocked for passage each day.

But as important as this canal is, it is not as important as the Strait of Hormuz. This thread of water is the only way for ships to move between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

The Persian Gulf is surrounded by eight countries, four of which rely on it and the Strait of Hormuz entirely to access the world’s oceans.

All these countries are major producers of much-needed oil. Around the Persian Gulf you can find about half of the world’s natural oil reserves and 40% of the world’s proven natural gas reserves.

In fact, you can find more oil and natural gas in the Gulf and the surrounding area than anywhere else in the world. So what does this have to do with World War III? Why is the Strait of Hormuz so important, even though it is so small? What dangers will follow if it ever closes? This video answers all these and many other questions.

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