End-of-Life Startup Empathy raises $ 30 million in Series A funding

Empathy, a New York-based end-of-life startup, has risen $ 30 billions in A funding to help families in the grieving process.

The turn was led by Entrée Capital with the participation of investors such as General Catalyst, LocalGlobe, Primetime Partners and Aleph, among others. The total funding raised by the new funds for the startup is $ 43 million. Avi Eya, a senior partner at Entrée Capital, decided to support the startup by saying:

“Empathy’s product is the solution that defines the category to deal with loss. It is distinguished by a holistic approach, which, along with the growth, attracted our attention to the company. We look forward to working with the founders and team of Empathy to grow, providing this much-needed solution to millions of people around the world. ”

Founded earlier this year, Empathy is about helping people cope with the responsibilities and emotions that come with losing a loved one. He achieves this through his application by combining emotional and logistical support in the sadness process. The new capital will allow the startup to develop new products, develop new partnerships and expand its team, while also focusing on reaching new markets in the United States. Ron Gura, founder and CEO of Empathy, said:

“Empathy is a customer-focused company based on compassion. In addition to supporting families facing loss, we aim to act as agents of change in the industry as a whole. Thanks to the support of our new and existing investors, and our collaboration with advanced companies that run their industries, the software is being leveraged to ultimately make a big difference to families struggling with loss. We are humbled to learn of the poor families we have already helped, and we are determined to continue working to help as much as possible to alleviate the logistical and emotional burden of a loved one. ”

The U.S. end-of-life industry is not yet developed, although experts predict that it will be a $ 100,000 billion market for the next five years, which has caused those who suffer the death of a loved one to suffer physically and mentally. The end-of-life startup wants to change that reality by meeting the growing demand for technology and mental health it continues to dissipate.

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