Futuristic tires that are almost indestructible

Gone are the days when tires were kind of boring.

There are tires to make the cars roll. They perform a simple function and therefore should be quite simple and boring. Right? Wrong!

We have already brought you lists of innovative tires which show that these car parts can be quite exciting. We even brought you Michelin airless tires.

Now, in this video, we present you advanced futuristic tires that are almost indestructible. We dare to watch them in action and not be impressed.

There are tires that consist of a single wheel that expands and contracts based on the principle of tread drive. This type of tire can rotate at any angle by simply tilting and can also reach speeds of up to 35 km / h.

Are you curious to learn more? Then you will be excited to know that there are even tires that can change shape depending on road conditions. This allows them to drive on pavement, dirt, snow and even water.

These are just two of the impressive new tires we present in our video. We have many more things you don’t want to miss and as an added bonus we explain what makes each tire so unique and delve into the technology and engineering behind each one.

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