Glory Plans To Launch Their First Foldable Phone By The End Of The Year

Nowadays, folding watch phones are more or less controlled by Samsung. Sure, you have other games like Motorola and Huawei, but Samsung is in the lead. However, it looks like we can probably expect a new contest at the end of the year in the Honor category.

For those unfamiliar, Honor used to be a sub-brand of Huawei before the company cut them under its belt to help them dress in the U.S. ban. Since then, the company has put out two phones that come with Google’s service.

This is according to a post from Weibo, it appears that Honor’s first folding phone is now expected to launch later this year which was supposed to be known as the Honor Magic X. Honor previously confirmed their plans for a folding phone but stopped repeating from when it was about to begin, and the quiet radio that later led some to wonder if their plans might have been thwarted.

However, if recent reports are to be believed, it looks like things are progressing well and we should expect it by the end of the year. What the price will be and it will seem like one guess, but it will be interesting to see how they progress towards Samsung.

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