iOS 15.0.1 Lockscreen Bypass Corruption

In the beginning, Apple installed that iOS 15.0.1 update fix the bug prevented iPhone 13 users from using the Apple Watch to unlock their devices. While the public representative suggested this was the only thing that was fixed, it seems that Apple also discovered a vulnerability that allowed users to avoid the lock.

While this is certainly good news, it seems that some in the security research community are not very happy with this. The reason is because they think Apple was unable to confirm the discovery of the error to analyst Jose Rodriguez who analyzed the vulnerability back in September.

Rodriguez publicly exposed the vulnerability by posting a proof of the case on his YouTube showing how the vulnerability worked. According to the study, the reason for not notifying Apple in advance at the time is expected to shine brightly. on problems with the Apple Bug Bounty software.

This isn’t the first time Apple has found that insecurity has been installed in its system without notifying the researchers who found it. However, it is thought that Apple has hired a new team to lead the Bug Bounty program with the intention of reviving it, so it is assumed that this is not going to be a problem in the future.

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