Samsung’s New Foldables Close to Breaking 1 Million Units Sales in South Korea

Not too long ago, Samsung announced two new files in the form of Galaxy Z Gaugau 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Despite the company’s setbacks in the beginning and initial fold, they persevered and made improvements to each new model, and now it seems that permanence paid off.

A report from the Korea Herald reveals that domestic sales in South Korea for the new fold are said to be close to hitting 1 million marks. This is pretty silly when you think about it, because considering the price on their fold, this suggests that although they may be expensive, many buyers seem willing to pay a price for it.

The report continues, the sales speed is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S8, both of which are the fastest to reach a million sales of products in the country. Keep in mind that those are just statistics for South Korea, so we think it’s even higher when you combine your sales from all over the world.

It’s really interesting to see files that can do this well. They have a lot of appeal to ideas. It’s hard to mistake some of the potential tools and limitations since they’re relatively new, but just like experienced phones of the past, we think things will eventually improve.

File c Mobile phone. Read more about Galaxy Z Flip ma Samsung. Source: Korea

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