South Korean ISP has sued Netflix over the popularity of the Squid Game

Now, there’s a good chance you’ve probably heard that Netflix has a new TV show that has jumped on its hands in the form of Squid Game, a South Korean TV series in which it is participating in the story of the sports game from their childhood and painful results in hope. of winning a large amount of money.

He has already proven to be a big factor that seems to have caused the increase in traffic in ways that caused South Korea ISP SK Broadband to do extra work, so the company has replaced Netflix and is doing ask them to pay. labor costs inclusive.

It appears that this is a growing concern since according to statistics, Netflix data operated by SK saw a 24 -fold jump from May 2018 to September 2021, which according to 1.2 billion pieces of data were processed per second. Not all because the Squid Game as with other Netflix shows has also helped increase data usage.

According to the court, they said Netflix should “should” put SK stuff in compensation for the network used. Netflix said they will review SK’s claim and will seek to have a discussion with the ISP to make sure customers are not harmed.

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