The 26 best gifts for home cooks from kitchen utensils to cookbooks

This post can be titled, “Actually the Gifts I Want for Me” (family, mind you!) In terms of my wish list, most of the local items are related my kitchen becomes prettier or my ignition weekend baking projects. So I took all my personal wishes and some things from my wish list to collect the best gifts for home cooks.

Like many other passionate home cooks, for me a few holiday gifts can hold a candle to the delight of opening a new gadget. household appliances to give the kitchen a spin. The jewelry is great, but I would take shiny new knives any day.

Whatever the skill level of your recipient, there is something for everyone who loves good food: your SO, which deals with the salted butter you spread in both bags in Paris. (or it’s just Adam, lol.) Well, the same need hold an elegant butter dish for breakfast. Your final college studies in your life will require a great green Kitchenaid mixer. And the beast he considers cheese and black pinot to have a proper dinner? I found the perfect serving board to elevate his game.

Go buy some of my favorite gifts for home cooks. If you’re lucky, just do it may be the recipient of one of the sweetest creations that inspires your gifts.

This message was originally posted on November 18, 2020 and has been updated ever since.

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