The whole village is built from a single 3D printer

There is no doubt that we love 3D-printed homes like these seven listed here. It seems that we are not the only ones, as last month we presented you with news about a whole street 3D printed homes in Texas.

Now there is news for a whole neighborhood of 3D printed homes in Nakajuka, Mexico. Even better houses are built for disadvantaged families, according to Taxi design.

The houses are beautiful to look at, but that does not change the fact that they are extremely durable and strong. Nakazhuka was hit by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake after the houses were built and the houses were left without a scratch.

This is one of the many benefits of 3D printing.

Source: A new story

To make these houses a reality, three companies had to work together: New Story, a San Francisco-based “nonprofit” “innovative solutions to end homelessness worldwide”; Échale, a social housing company from Mexico; and Icon, a Texas-based construction technology company dedicated to “revolutionizing housing and making decent housing the standard for people around the world.”

The houses are on one floor and each has approximately 500 square meters. Each of them has two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

They were not easy to build, although the 3D printer used was designed for difficult projects. The 3D home printer, called the Vulcan II, was designed to work under the constraints common in rural areas, but the journey was not easy.

Power supply can be unpredictable and local rainfall has often flooded access roads to the construction site. “This printer, designed to tackle housing shortages for vulnerable populations, is the first of its kind,” New Story reported. press release.

Francesco Piacesi, CEO of Échale, told New York Times that the futuristic printer used for these constructions looked like something from a RoboCop movie. But what really matters is that he did a really great job of bringing stable and healthy housing where it was most needed.

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