25 cheap Amazon sweaters, all under $ 50

Crispy morning air, a warm cup of coffee, a candle with a pumpkin – is there anything better than that fall? There is no doubt that 2021 is a year like no other, but these are the little things I try to find joy in these days, and sartorically speaking, it means to get comfortable in a soft and tight-fitting sweater.

Amazon is the winner in the sweater department this season. As I loaded my stroller with cozy socks and cute pots from the dealer of several brands, a handful chic sweaters it also caught my eye. Below I share five sweaters I tried this month that are affordable (all under $ 50), but see seriously expensive. If you need to stock up on a cozy and soothing sweater this cold weather season, take a look at my photos for a luxurious fall look.

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