6 simple autumn fashion trends Editors love

If I have to summarize my style in a few words, the “simple” will definitely include it in the list. Yes, most of my wardrobe consists of these restrained, elevated foundations which can be mixed and combined to create effortless outfits in my eyes. Given that Simplicity is the name of my fashion gameI usually attract these easier, universal solutions when shopping or looking for new trends. Specifically for the fall, there are six specific species that particularly caught my eye while doing market research.

Intrigued? Below you will reveal the six easy trends that I think deserve to be noted for the season. As you will see, all the looks that await you are forward, but still simple in nature because they can be paired with a set of basic or more modern elements. Keep scrolling through some visual information and shopping recommendations if you’re ready to start building these fall wardrobes.

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