Can you really make a black mirror?

A black mirror can sound like an oxymoron. After all, if something is black, it means that it absorbs all the light, and if something is mirror reflects all light. But YouTube and the scientist The action lab he actually manages to make a black mirror.

It starts with black mirror paint, which he tests to see exactly what it involves. It’s just fun to watch the paint cover surfaces with complete blackness.

YouTuber then shared how he noticed that he could cause the black paint to bounce back a little if he covered it with something shiny. But that was not enough for him. He wanted something that had 100% reflectivity.

To accomplish this almost impossible task, he takes a mirror and burns it by candlelight until it turns black. Then take the same piece of mirror and put it in water. When viewed from a certain angle, the black mirror is 100% reflective.

What science is behind the experiment? How can a soot-covered mirror reflect 100%? What other experiments does YouTube bring out of this? This video answers all these and other questions, so be sure to skip it.

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