Community Health Startup Wider Circle secured $ 38 million in Series B funding

Wider Circle is a community health startup based in Redwood City $ 38 million For better health to connect neighbors in Series B funding.

The round was led by AmeriHealth Caritas, with the participation of existing investors such as the Blue Venture Fund and Chicago Ventures. The new capital will allow for the improvement of initial national infrastructure and technologies to support its expansion plans, including the hiring of new team members. Paul A. Tufano, president and CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas, said about the shift:

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Wider Circle. Both of our companies are aware of the power and impact that social media can have not only on health, but also on raising life outcomes and creating poverty mobility. AmeriHealth Caritas was the first pioneer to address the health outcomes of people affected by poverty and disability. Today we know that the future needs to move from well-being to resilience, and that social support at the neighborhood level is a key foundation. ”

Wider Circle was created in 2015 to integrate support and services at the community level, creating a more efficient system that will enable people of all ages to improve their health and independence. Since then, the launch has included more than 320 communities in the United States integrating the program. Darin Buxbaum, president and chief operating officer of Wider Circle, said about this common approach to health:

“Empowering peer social support networks can overcome systemic economic and health inequalities. With the support of AmeriHealth Caritas ’new Social Determinants of Life, the Blue Venture Fund and others are more well-positioned to expand our proven hyper-local model to improve health outcomes in communities across the nation. “

Although these peer networks have traditionally been linked to aging, reports show that less than 20% of a person’s health is linked to factors that may affect clinical care. With more than 80% according to social actors, community health start-ups believe it could be a revolution health focusing on the social aspect of the industry.

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