The benefits of saffron and how to get more


Saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its labor-intensive harvest, has a long medicinal use. Recently, the positive effects that protect healthy mood have been studied.

3 ways to consume saffron



Saffron needs heat and liquid to get the most flavor, so it is perfect for rice, risotto, pilafa and paella. In the case of plain saffron rice, you want to grind the saffron threads and let them soak in hot water before cooking with the rice. If you make a liquid, like soup or a stew, you can sprinkle chopped saffron threads with the rest of the ingredients.

Lamb Tagine with tomato, saffron and cinnamon

Lamb Tagine with tomato, saffron and cinnamon

Chicken with onion, lemon and saffron

Chicken with onion, lemon and saffron

Chicken and Vegetable Paella

Chicken and Vegetable Paella



We have a well-documented love for saffron cans. Our favorite is a mixture of saffron, organic cardamom, coconut milk powder and coconut water powder mixed with the desired steamed milk. (We prefer the oatmeal.) The latte powder mixes well. It’s easiest with electric foam, but if you don’t, matcha will work vigorously to stir blenders or spoons.



Saffron supplements are usually capsules. When choosing one, the most important thing to pay attention to is the dose: look for a brand that uses a dose of saffron extract that is clinically studied. (For supplements, we prefer saffron extract than saffron. There’s a lot more research behind it.)

You can find saffron extract to help with libido in our DTF supplement. While fenugreek extract makes DTF hard to achieve sexual arousal and desire, we rounded the formula with thirty milligrams of saffron extract — the daily dose studied in most studies — to help the overall mood. *

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