Want to join the Tesla FSD Beta? Be a good driver

Tesla is finally releasing its Full Self Driving (FSD) beta button, but they say there’s a catch Internal EV. To activate it, you must be a very good driver. That means receiving high result from Tesla’s new safety assessment system.

“The first few days probably 100/100, then 99, 98, etc.,” Musk said when asked about the drivers with the minimum score needed to access the FSD beta button.

Despite these precautions, the FSD’s announcement still drew much criticism. Teslarati reported that US Senator Richard Blumenthal said that “Tesla is putting untrained drivers on public roads as testers of their misleading, unproven system – a seeming recipe for disaster”.

This seems to contradict what is really happening, as Tesla has set clear guidelines according to which drivers must be tested before they can use the button. And the tests are not easy!

Brooks Weisblatt from DragTimes shared a video (embedded below) in which he drives a Model S box and tries to score 100 in the new safety assessment system. Unfortunately, he loses points only for a sudden stop when a car suddenly stops in front of him. He also lost points because he was following too close and turning too fast.

However, the system did not remove points to drive too fast, ignoring the red lights and not using its turn signals. Obviously, the system is still evolving and has several shortcomings.

Musk also revealed that FSD Beta V10.2 will be released a week ago. Following its launch, Tesla plans to expand access to the FSD Beta button from 1,000 owners per day, provided drivers have passed its strict safety assessment system.

When Musk first released FSD Beta last year, he did also tweeted that the package “will be extremely slow and cautious as it should be”. It is good to see that the CEO is taking so many precautions to ensure that the system is safe on the roads.

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