What to wear in 50-degree weather

Cold weather is on the horizon, and we are more than ready to take out the oversized jackets and cozy sweaters. The days ahead promise a lot of transition time, which can make dressing while remaining comfortably difficult. (How much layers is too much ?!) If you are scratching your head what to wear in 50-degree weather, we have a few ideas.

My saved Instagram folder is full of fashion inspiration, so when it came time to prepare for the colder months, I knew I had to take notes from my favorite fashion girls on how to dress for the confusing time ahead. Below are 15 reliable outfits to wear during the fall or winter day, which is a bit lively but not completely frozen. Among the combination of outfits you will find plenty of classic coats, modern buffers and cool sweaters. Also, shop for cool pieces that make the cinch layering.

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