9 last minute Halloween costumes you can wear with jeans

As for Halloween, we’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of costumes inspired by celebrities, or maybe suits based on your hair color. Yes, there are many ideas there, but in our busy lives it is easy to leave things until the last minute. If you’re like us and you’re still looking for the perfect clothing idea to get you in the mood, consider this your best last-minute Halloween costume guide. We promise that each of these ensembles is easy to throw together.

Better yet, all of those eerily cool looks start with one piece that we’re sure you already own: a pair of jeans. That’s right, each of these looks is centered around the piece you wear every day (or close to it). From a 70’s-inspired look to current pop culture plays, here are our nine best Halloween costumes you can wear with your baby blues. Keep scrolling to find your next Halloween costume now.

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