Apple has reportedly canceled their plans to bring an OLED display to next year’s iPad Air

According to a rumor from a few months ago, it was suggested that Apple could plan on it gave its iPad Air for 2022 a slight upgrade, more than your normal routine, and will YOU ARE show can be one of the face enhancement. In the meantime, save for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple’s full iPad line of use LCD as his expression of choices.

However, it may not be happening anymore. According to a study written by researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, he said that Apple has canceled their plans for the OLED iPad Air for 2022. It seems that this is because Apple wants to focus on display of the 11-inch iPad Pro, which still uses LCD. However, Apple will use 2022 to update the iPad Pro display which will see the entire iPad Pro line -up to have Miniature displays.

The study said that this was due to cost and performance, for which Apple planned to use LTPS OLED displays, but since it could not meet their needs, they decided to immediately canceled his plans.

Kuo’s comments seem to be consistent with a report from Korea last week, in which they said that Apple and Samsung had teamed up to make an OLED display for the iPad, but those plans were canceled. We’re not sure if those reports are related to each other, but it’s certainly as if they’re related.

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