Camera HW Scores # 10: Infinix Zero X Series

After carefully looking at all the specifics of the Infinix Zero X Pro rear camera, its CAMERA HW expects overall score of 155.

With the high scores, we expect the Infinix Zero X camera to perform better in the overall picture than its competitors (listed in the table below) while still maintaining a high “price for price,” and became a full -fledged champion in his division. $ 399 market share.

Of the Infinix Zero X (non-Pro) available a CAMERA HW full score of 138. We don’t have an official MSRP from Infinix for this phone, but it’s a lot cheaper than the Pro SKU, probably at $ 199- $ 249.

We estimate that the Zero X Pro is priced around $ 320- $ 350 and as it stands, the Zero X Pro has the best camera features for under $ 400.

The Zero X and Zero X Pro are very similar to the Zoom and Ultrawide cameras but there is a difference of the original cameras.

Of the Infinix Zero X Series The backs of the cameras have been carefully crafted with materials often used in mind, showing them to be an excellent first -person shooter supported by powerful zoom and Ultrawide cameras.

Of the 52.92 mm short film camera the Zero X Pro is bigger than most of the competition and stands on top of what we found in this area of cameras (52.92 mm vs. 40.96 mm vs. 30.72 mm).


Although there are other cameras that are very similar to their devices, the Zero X Pro only has a 52.92 mm² sensor supported by Optical Image Confirmation (OIS).

Of the special quality of the first camera very helpful with the Zero X Pro, and is comparable to the Redmi Note 10 Pro (Global SKU). The ultrawide cameras in the Infinix Zero X series are competitive but slightly below average in their segment.

Includes a very good zoom lens ready it’s a worthwhile blessing on Infinix phones, since competitors have chosen to shy away from supporting full zoom, they sometimes prefer outdoor solutions like the macro camera.

As it is evident from the data that the use of tonic is increasing, the dragging of photographs is a more common use of the subject and, therefore, more important.

We mentioned earlier that the Infinix Zero X Ultrawide cameras were highly qualified, which means we expect them to be put to good use during the day.

Even so, a more powerful ultrawide camera like the Samsung Galaxy A52 would probably work better at night. That said, the Galaxy A52 is an exception to this line, with the Infinix Zero X in line with other competitors.


The Infinix Zero X series has the top -of -the -line camera. Compared to these competitors, the Infinix Zero X Pro captures the highest CAMERA HW scores and the most sales value at the same time, a rare achievement.

About $ 199.99 at starting price, the Infinix Zero X “Education” score of 69 lower -priced mobile cameras will likely be eliminated from the Zero X Pro. If that’s the case, it will allow Infinix to claim a high in the $ 200- $ 250 smartphone market, according to the camera.

You will notice the I live in a V21 cameras have low score instead of I live V20. It looks different, but it looks like the Vivo V21 is using a different type of camera to capture the image compared to the Vivo V20. We guess that’s why they added OIS to try to maintain quality.

The changes aren’t guaranteed from the VIVO V21 general specs sheet (marketing intelligence …), but the long -term focus takes that. It’s interesting to see how it translates in terms of aesthetics, but our example shows that the V21 looks like a short -lived device, probably because of the budget.

About Ubergizmo’s CAMERA HW benchmark

We set up these mobile camera systems based on our HardWare mobile phones called CAMERA HW. The power of equipment that does not previously have a number of digital cameras (now 189) is calculated with the algorithm that defines the camera tools.

For more information about this brand, check out CAMERA HW FAQ. Of the full list of photographers located at the bottom of the page. The algorithm is optimized and adapted with real-world detailed images from our database CAMERA IQ indicator (IQ = Perfect Condition).

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