Crypto Company Suddenly Sends Its Users $ 90 Million

Usually when it comes to money, many companies are very cautious, especially financial institutions. So even though it happens, you rarely hear about banks sending people more money than they planned. However, errors do occur, such as in the case with Compound, a distributed staking protocol.

Apparently the company accidentally deposited cryptocurrency into the accounts of some users for about $ 89 million. This was due to a malfunction in the system that caused incorrect payments to users. Clearly $ 89 million is a lot of money, which is why the company is now asking consumers for their refunds.

In a tweet by company managing director Robert Leshner, he is asking users to return the money. He advised those who do may also get to keep 10% of the money given to them as a reward for doing the right thing. However, he also threatened users no, saying the money they received would be reported to the IRS as income (meaning they would pay a tax on it), and that “many of you ua doxxed “.

However, he seems to have backed down on his comments, calling it a “bone-head tweet / way”. We’re not sure how many users returned the money, but Leshner is taking the time to tweet to those who did.

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