Cybersecurity Startup S2W Inc. secures more than $ 10 million in Series B financing

S2W, a South Korean cybersecurity startup, has successfully risen $ 10 million In Series B funding, the dark web and cryptocurrency continue to develop self-analysis technology.

The final round of financing was led by LB Investment with the participation of six other investors including YG Investment, Magellan Technology Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, DS Asset Management, KDB Development Bank and Lotte Ventures. The round follows a $ 3.5 million Series A series launched in March 2020, with total funding raised to exceed $ 13.5 million. Ki-ho Park, CEO of LB Investment, said about the company’s involvement:

“S2W is showing the process of Palantir’s compressed growth in the US and will expand into future areas such as blockchain, e-commerce, gaming and entertainment in the future. And we will continue to support S2W to become an industry leader. ”

KAIST, created by a team of researchers specializing in South Korean network security, S2W has developed a cyber-threat intelligence (CTI) platform that provides solutions to facilitate the response to external threats. Some of its features include dark web threat detection, APT group attack analysis, ransomware and phishing attempts.

S2W is the only startup to be an official partner of INTERPOL, which provides the organization with data and technological collaboration. The startup has attracted major customers in a variety of areas such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and e-commerce.

The benefits of the new fundraiser will fuel S2W’s strong growth by investing in CTI solutions to provide a better user experience and expand the startup business. Sangdu Suh, CEO of S2W, mentioned the following expansion plans as follows:

“We will focus on rapid growth, and show the world that companies that seek the value of justice excel in competitiveness and sustainability.”

As cybersecurity As technology continues to gain importance for organizations and individuals who are increasingly dependent on it, S2W is experiencing a growth phase to meet demand. Therefore, the cybersecurity startup allows companies to detect vulnerabilities, leaks, and threats before executing an attack, giving them an advantage over malicious actors.

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