Do you need some storage? 8 Deals on SD Cards, USB Sticks, and SSD

It’s that time From the year when your family and friends are at their most extreme. From Halloween costumes to lavish dinner parties to holiday parties, you’ll take pictures and videos galore. Which means you’ll need somewhere to store all those precious memories – or whatever else you want to archive – with these deals on SD cards, USB storage, and more.

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Deals on SD Cards

Lexar SD Card

Photo: Lexar

These Lexar SD Cards are perfect for the professional style DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras It can handle full sized SD cards. They can handle up to 250 megabytes per second, which makes them more than fast enough to handle even 4K video recording, if your camera is capable of it. You can even cut an extra dollar if you buy two at a time. These prices often drop from $50 to $36, but that’s a low additional price.

If your smartphone, tablet, or Nintendo Switch doesn’t have enough storage space for all your stuff, the spacious 1TB MicroSD card might be the last card you’ll need to buy for a while. This card was cheap only once before, and for a full terabyte of space, it’s worth it for the peace of mind you’ll never need to delete Breath of the wild repeatedly.

It never hurts to have a spare Micro SD card or three. These PNY cards aren’t the fastest—though at 100MBps, they’re still pretty fast for nearly everything you can throw at them—but there’s nothing to sneeze at three packs of 64GB cards for $20.

Deals on SSD and USB drives

Crucial X6 Portable Solid State Drive

Photo: decisive

The Crucial X6 is Our favorite portable SSD For good reason: It’s incredibly lightweight, fast, and one of the most affordable drives even on a regular day. Today, it’s even cheaper at as low as $142. If you’re in the market, there’s no better time to get our favorite external SDD data.

USB drives may be so disposable that companies give them away for free, but having a drive with plenty of space can be huge. This is where the PNY 1TB drive comes in. With more room than you’ll need for a long time to come, and a slot to put it on your keychain, this might be the first USB drive you’re afraid to lose. It’s been drifting from $200 to $155 in recent months, but that’s the lowest price we’ve seen.

Whether you buy USB drives for the entire office, or you keep losing your drive, getting new ones can get expensive. Fortunately, this PNY package will sell you $10 at a time for $28, or just under three dollars. 32 GB is enough space to give everyone on the team the space they need to share documents and presentations without putting in a lot of effort.

Other Storage Deals

Photo: decisive

Some upgrades can speed up your PC just like switching to an SSD. If your motherboard supports PCIe NVMe Gen 3 drives, this 2TB drive from Crucial can give you much more storage while increasing load times for your favorite apps and games.

Storage for your NAS is where the real cost lives, but this drive from Toshiba makes it easy to swallow. A single 14TB drive will only use one of the NAS’s limited bays, while still giving you plenty of storage for (hopefully) years to come.

When it comes to big storage-intensive tasks like video editing, there is no such thing as a lot of storage space. Fortunately there are portable enclosures like the WD hard drive with a whopping 16TB of space. More than enough to store all the projects and raw files you need to carry with you on all your work.

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