Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp do not seem to be working on Monday morning amid significant updates and growing controversy over the production of content on social media websites, according to Downdetector website.

Interruptions appear to be active in New York and the east coast of the United States, Kentucky and the southern United States, Britain, Norway, Bulgaria and others. Error messages in all three services appear in iOS apps and on the web. Users who dare to visit these high-traffic websites encounter error messages that say things like “5xx server error,” “Sorry, something went wrong,” and other similar helpless messages.

Facebook is declining for the United States, Britain, Kuwait, Norway, Brazil, Turkey and others

According to Downdetector, every platform controlled by Facebook has fallen, in addition to the endless Twitter posts expressing the same. Interruptions began at approximately 11:40 a.m. EDT, and at the time of writing, all of these services are still completely closed to global traffic. Almost immediately, these interruptions began to take hold on Twitter as users posted to see if other users were suffering from the same problems. The hashtag, called “#DeleteFacebook”, has also reached its most current status amid ongoing corporate confrontations over the company’s impact on younger users.

Breaks in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

This is the latest news that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire is experiencing problems on Monday, so be sure to sign up for more information.

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