Logitech has unveiled the New Travel-Sized MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard

Computer laptops aren’t the most comfortable to install, so you see sometimes people bring in an external keyboard to improve the printing experience. If you’re driving a piano like that, or maybe you want to reduce the amount of space the keyboard has to stand on your desk, then Logitech has something for you.

The company has unveiled a number of new keyboards in the form of the MX Keys Mini and the MX Keys Mini for Mac, the latter of which contains keys and classification that are more suitable for Mac computers. However, other than that, all keyboards are more or less the same in terms of design and performance.

We’re talking about features like support for USB-C fast charging technology, and the ability to spend up to three devices using Bluetooth Low Energy, so you can easily switch to between devices such as a telephone, tablet, and computer as needed. There are also features like the volume up / unmute button for the microphone built right into the piano itself, as well as a special emoji key.

The Logitech MX Keys Mini and MX Key Mini for Mac are priced at $ 100 each and are now available for order via the Logitech website.

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