Samsung Has Discontinued Advertising From Its First-Party Apps

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using a Samsung phone, you probably know that the company actually puts ads in its first-party apps. This is a big issue in Samsung’s argument, because you paid for the phone, so why are there ads in it? Especially the company’s own software, right?

Thankfully, after years of users complaining, they still seem to be listening to their customers. It now appears that Samsung has started removing ads from its pre-party apps. Samsung finally confirmed their plan in August, where the company’s mobile owner, TM Roh, said they would remove ads from apps like Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.

The removal of ads is supposed to be done for its South Korean marketplace, but users in the U.S. have reportedly seen ads disappear as well as a result. We’re not sure if this is expected or disappointing, but it’s a good thing either way. If you are still seeing ads on your Samsung phone for the aforementioned pre-party software, then you may need to force stop the program and repeat it.

After that you no longer have to see ads on your phone for those programs. We’re not sure if users in other countries are seeing these changes, but you can always test your luck, otherwise we guess nothing has changed.

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