The 15 best nail colors and trends that have been tried this season

Getting out of oneself can be difficult nail polish comfort zone. Personally, I don’t have a day that I don’t spend Licorice Essie in the hands or fingers. But lately I’ve been craving a little variety! And there’s no better time to get into better things than fall. So even if you’re stuck in a mess or know what you like, it’s time to mix it up a bit with the best falls nail colors.

Autumn is the perfect time to embrace these sexy, dark and dark tones. There’s no better excuse to embrace your gothic side, even if it’s on a very small scale! But that’s so much fun nail polish. It’s a very low-key way to experiment with new games colors and trends. So get out the manicure kit from Jennifer Howard-Brown Ten Place she’s sharing the best fall nail colors along with the biggest trends you’ll see this season. It’s time to dig a little deeper.

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1. Gradient nails

This fall will be about nail gradients in neutral colors like gray or brown, with each successive nail in a different family shade of the same color. It gives the hand a fresh paint card effect.

2. Wine + spark

A combination of deep rich colors and great combinations will be everywhere this season. Think of wine, navy or dark green, with all the nails or a shine on one nail.

3. Elegant French

Reverse and colored dots lead to the French level. Reverse French is mainly trading the traditional white tip for semi-modern triangles that give it a more angular tip. The color tips are a fresh and easy way to reinvent French mani. Who says tips should be pink with white? He invites you to try a neutral pink like Howard-Brown OPI Bubble Bath with reverse points in the forest!

4. Modern neutrals

Simple dots or subtle Xs make a basic manicure something creative and elegant. For example, Howard-Brown explains that a bare foot with three gold dots down the nail adds a subtle wow factor.

5. Round and almond-shaped nails

Howard-Brown quickly noticed that nail-shaped trends had also changed. There are short, round nails rather than a more curved shape. Almond-shaped nails are also very popular, especially if you have a short working length or with the help of a building gel.

Read Howard-Brown’s options for the best fall nail colors:

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