The high fashion evolution of Phoebe Bridges skeleton costumes

Since releasing his second album Punisher in 2020, musician Phoebe Bridges has a habit of wearing a set of pajamas with skeletal prints that more or less look like a children’s Halloween costume. She wore the uniform – one part Cobra Kai, two parts Donnie Darko – on Punisher cover, in three of the four videos from the album cycle (“Garden Song”, Kyoto, and “I know the end”), as well as during various late evening performances and performances. Bridgers is big on Halloween and loves “banal, scary things, that’s why my first record‘s [visual theme] is a ghost and the second is a skeleton, “she told Diversity.

Tom Brown Bridges at the 2021 Grammy Awards

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“I put on the skeleton suit and it’s like, ‘Damn, it’s comfortable,'” Bridgers said. The bell last year. “So I think being a hero is funny, but it’s also rooted in reality. It’s like I’ve really been wearing the same pajamas for about two months. I wash them every three days and tried to find another pair online, but they sold out. “She later revealed to GQis very own Corporate lunch a podcast that she owns “about 15” of them, which she originally bought from “this little boutique called Amazon.”

But like Punisher has become one of the biggest editions — and Bridgers herself, one of the biggest breakthrough stars — since the era of high quarantine, her skeletal pajamas have received their own brilliance. She was wearing beaded skeleton dress from the Tom Brown Spring Collection in 2018 to the Grammy Awards in March, which proved to be the impetus for all this: “I wear a skeleton suit all the time, but one of the reasons I do it is because I saw this Tom dress “Brown forever before and I thought it was so cool,” Bridgers told Well! on the Grammy carpet. “I asked for it, too. Basically, I stole it. “Naturally, at the end of last month, she wore a custom skeletal Gucci beaded vest draped at the New York Governors’ Music Festival.

A sparkling skeleton in Charlotte in September.

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There are a few things that are trying more in this life than having a body shape. The constant reminder of our own mortality, the inhabitation of the body requires a lot of internal and external maintenance and stimulates a lot of mental and emotional acrobatics. Wearing a skeleton suit during a global pandemic can be a little more painful than Bridgers predicted. But her costume is also thematically aligned with the way growing up can also mean feeling more at home in our bodies, even as we become more painfully aware of how all these bones and joints move just like that. “It’s a lot more fun to live in your body,” Bridgers told GQ in 2019. “I do better with the things that make me happy now.” And if the skeleton is beaded and blinded, so much the better.

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