They are here: the 6 most popular coat trends in the fall of 2021.

Can you feel it? Yes, clearer time creeps in, whether we like it or not, and before we know it, we’ll move from the lightweight jackets we live in now to heavy-duty outerwear. This is true. It’s time to talk coats. As much as we complain about the transition from autumn to winter, the positive thing is that we get a fresh batch of trends in the coat to enjoy.

As stylish people, we are always looking for our favorite retailers and fashion friends on Instagram to find out what’s new and what’s coming. And when it comes to coat time, we have officially noticed six new trends that will be the most important for the upcoming season. From fresh leather toppers to modern down jackets and chalet which greatly facilitate the seasonal transition, keep reading our report on outerwear for 2021 and shop your favorites in each category.

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