Tyler, the Creator remains an equally dressed legend

Welcome in The biggest attacks of the week, a summary of the strongest, wildest and just the biggest celebrities suitable from around the world.

Johnny Nunez / 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards

Tyler, the Creator

At this point, you know what you get from Tyler: shorts, white socks, dress shoes, and some killer accessories. His BET Hip Hop Awards match the bill and add a leather hat in a cream color and a matching silk shirt. When you know what works perfectly for you, why would you do anything else?

Fraser Harrison

George Clooney and Ben Affleck

Get a load of these handsome guys!

Gary Gershoff


For cases where you can not decide between a window and a bar.


Dev Hynes

When you look at your home in the silhouette of high fashion at the moment, things are good.

Patricia Schline / Star Max

Paul Mescal

Exactly how we want to dress for Easter.

Julien Hekimyan

Evan Mock

Fuzzy sweater, bare chest, shoe belt, baggy pink pants: lots of love here!


Owen Wilson

Really underestimated color of the suit.

Jacopo Raoul

Luke Shabbat

When you go to Rick Owens’ show, you wear black.

Bruce Glicas

Bowen Ian

Great week for silk, satin buttons.

Bertrand Rindof Petrov

Child Kudi

A good opportunity to buy a big old pair of blue boots this fall.

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