Watch drones rain from the sky during a failed light show

Drones crashed into crowds of people who came to see the machines presented at a light show over the weekend, and report from Deputy reveals.

The show, which took place over a shopping mall in Zhengzhou, China, on Friday, October 1, ended disastrously with videos (included below) showing drones descending into cars and buildings. Fortunately, there were no reports of casualties after the incident.

The light show with 200 drones ends in a crash

The videos show about 200 drones forming the mall’s name before many of them darkened and began to fall to the ground. Spectators were then seen running and shouting at others to “be careful” and walk away. In the news report from Henan Television, a witness said that approximately 5,000 people, many of them children, were present when the drones began to fall from the sky.

Another witness said Deputy that staff members allow people to run to the mall to seek cover. They also explained that some of the drones crashed very far from the original light show and were seen hitting trees as they descended. So far, however, no one knows what caused the failure Deputy reports narrated by an organizer Chinese news services the problem may have been caused by “operational errors”.

It’s not the first drone light show crash

The light shows of drones are pre-programmed to safely operate the machines in a synchronized model for observers. Although accidents may occur, a light show operator, Verge Aero emphasizes this “The exhibitions shall be conducted by certified pilots, experts in the relevant aviation subject, including regulations and meteorological conditions.”

Yet human error can cause drone crashes, and there have been reported cases of people deliberately sabotaging operations and performances of drones with jamming technology. In 2018, for example South China Morning Post reported that at least Damage of $ 127,500 was caused when unknown individuals were believed to have used equipment to jam a drone light show in Hong Kong, causing 46 drones to crash to the ground. Reports of a police drone surfaced in Canada in August this year crashed a Cessna landing plane, causing significant damage, albeit without injury.

The drone light shows performed has become increasingly popular in recent years as companies compete for the show’s biggest record. In 2018, Intel broke that record with 1218 drones at the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang. Last year, the Chinese company Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. smashed this record with sending 3051 drones in the sky.

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