8 Beauty Travel Tips to Maximize Space. Also, the Beauty Packing List!

After canceling our one-year plans and spending a lot of time at home, we were finally able to make some trips this summer. My plan for packing was to get to science and I packed my bags in a few minutes on the weekend, mostly beauty products and skin care—I had all my travel size and backup products ready. With recent trips, however, I tried to remember what kind of essential things I needed to gather and how to maximize space. On a recent trip I found four moisturizers (when he would do the trick) and random products that I never used. That’s when I realized I needed some travel tips for beauty.

He created it with Laura Lemmon Lemon Wool– retail store of natural beauty and well-being – I realized that I am not alone. Apparently, many beauty lovers have faced similar challenges. If you’re able to get in touch and use a refreshing beauty pack to despair, go ahead and share the top beauty travel tips to maximize space, making sure you have all your favorite needs.

Read all of Lemmon’s beauty travel tips and products!

Your Beauty Packing List:

But first, a list of our essential beauty:

Skin care:

  • Wash your face
  • Cotton pads and cutips
  • Toner
  • Serum / Moisturizer / Eye Cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm

Body care:

  • Shower gel
  • Razor
  • Body cream
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Nail clippers
  • Dental floss
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

Hair Care:

  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Hairbrush
  • Hairstyling products (think: hair spray, serum, dry shampoo, etc.)
  • Iron or checker if absolutely necessary!
  • Hair bands and bobby pins


  • Makeup tools and brushes
  • Base / tinted cream / concealer
  • Blush / bronzer
  • Highlights (nice facial oil can also double as a slightly calming device on the top of your cheeks!)
  • Eyeshadow (can be doubled as eyeliner. Simply get a wet liner brush and rotate it in the shade to make the perfect custom liner)
  • Mask
  • Forehead products (gel, pencil, etc.)
  • Lip or gloss

Beauty Travel Tips and Tricks:

Focus on multi-purpose products.

Multi-purpose products are not intended to save space, they are more diverse than you think. Speaking from experience, only one pot Magic closes in Egypt it can save you inadvertently if you leave your toilet bag behind. I used face wash and hair finish as an oil to wash my face and everything in between. Another option is skin care makeup. Larkly’s Mineral Powder Sunscreen, which contains antioxidants like resveratrol and green tea, which help protect your skin along with SPF 30, bring you another makeup powder and extra sunscreen on your face. Another great multi-purpose product is a blush cream, you can use three ways as lip balm, redness and eye shadow. It’s a personal favorite In their Multistick Dreamer.

Make your own minis.

Holidays are not the time to experiment with a new skin care routine. Bring what already works for you. In particular, make sure you take the travel size of the current washing machine. Your skin already feels like it’s in a new climate and the pH of the spring water is different, so you want to make sure it has something familiar to prevent it from bursting or dry skin. I took it with me to use the laptop, silicone travel bottles because it is very easy to refill over and over again.

Take the smell of nostalgia down the lane.

While preparing for a trip to Paris a few years ago, I added a mini roller ball from a new line of perfumes I wanted to try out. Lemon Wool. It was the best last-minute packing decision, as every time I smell it, it takes me to walk the comfortable streets of Marais with my husband. From now on, I try to associate the new scent with any trip, small or big. If you want to save space for souvenirs, look for body ointment Le Paradis Tahiti Body Balm or Enigma Milk Spray Body Cream your smell can double. You won’t regret the fragrant memory you will have forever.

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Did you know that traveling on a plane (especially if you have a window seat!) Will expose you to the highest UV levels your skin would encounter on a regular basis? Make sure you take it out well before your skin takes off and also keep it available for the rest of the trip.

Go for the best sunscreen for your trip:

Mix the makeup bag.

Trying to pack light may not seem appropriate at all, but travel is a time to play with fun products and get out of your daily makeup routine. Channel your inner desire when packing a bag for your makeup products. Get it at home looking for eye shadows or lip tones that you don’t use every day. Wearing a new and fun color can immediately put you in a holiday mood. Kosas Lipstick in Thrillest red orange is a very pigmented and perfect color that gives anyone a good look. Take an indent and add metallic lavender to your eyes Ilia Eye Chromatic Ink Dim.

Pick up a set of gifts.

The secret of the publishing industry is how cheap these sets of limited edition gifts are. Typically, a brand allows you to test their products, usually associated with a sharp discount. Rather, they tend to be cheaper than buying travel-sized versions. My favorites? Goop’s GOOPGlow Bestsellers—The travel jar of Microderm Instant Exfoliator helps to soften and smooth the skin. Indie Lee’s Discovery Kit It comes with a small bottle of CoQ10 Toner, perfect for refreshing the skin on a long flight.

Avoid jet lag and flight covers.

It’s easy to travel after a day of feeling that your skin isn’t at its best. Early flight, stressful check-ins, horrible UV exposures from airplane windows, cabin pressures, dry air and wearing a mask make you feel less than the best of your skin. To protect your skin, here are some tips for jet lag aircraft and make your flight cover look its best.

  • No makeup. Wearing masks and cabin pressure and dry air can damage your skin, bare skin is the best action to leave your skin piled up. If you prefer to have something a little on landing, put the essentials in your luggage in an easily accessible place. Usually tinted moisturizing colors, masks and touches of bronze or red to brighten your complexion.
  • Avoid alcohol and hydrate instead. Hydration is our skin’s best friend. It is a good idea to avoid alcohol in the container, especially if you know that your skin will pass a lot. Instead, make sure you’re hydrating yourself with natural electrolytes like water, tea, or coconut water.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you choose to keep your skin without makeup for travel, all you should do is stop taking care of your skin. Air travel especially dries the skin, so make sure the skin is well hydrated. I also like to apply face oil, moisturizing mist or face cream.
  • Make a mini face on the bowl. If your flight is longer, bring your favorite bed sheets and masks for the eyes. Be brave and take out one of them while you try to catch some zzz.
  • Give your skin TLC after an extra flight. When you reach your destination, give your skin extra love to complement your skin by completing your routine. If you go out on the street, your skin will be prepared and shiny.

Use what you have.

If a trip is coming, don’t be overwhelmed and feel that you need to go out and buy a bunch of products for your travels. The key is to use what you have! It’s tempting to take all the nice minis when you go to the Sephora store, but make sure you focus on the products you actually use. Take reusable travel bottles that you can use over and over again and fill them with current skin products that are too large to pass the TSA test.

Are you looking for solid travel products to add to your beauty arsenal? Here are our favorite options:

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