A British company has unveiled a new electric hybrid car. But is this also a bicycle?

The world is moving towards electric vehicles (EV)but we are still working on vehicle concepts designed for heavy internal combustion engines. Challenging the very concept of what a mobility decision should look like Ryzr, from new players in the electric car market, R.

As the pandemic prompted people to choose more independent mobility solutions, bicycle sales jumped in many parts of the world, reported the BBC last year. With its open concept, the R’s Ryzr is designed to offer the same thrill as outdoor cycling, but with a calmer, car-like comfort.

The hard-to-imagine concept is enlivened by London-based SAIC Design. This is the team of designers who also introduced us to the Roewe car brand and revived the non-existent British car brand MG.

Sporty double seats separated by a central spine, the Ryzr offers unobstructed views of the road ahead, which makes for exciting driving. While the front wheels remain separated like a normal car, the rear wheels are close together. To give the user more control over the car, the designers plan to offer the ability to rotate at both ends.

Looking at the car’s fashion ratio, the Ryzr offers silent front tires. The steering wheel controls are centrally mounted, but are designed to be switched to each rider if desired. Needless to say, the vehicle is powered by electricity and does a decent job of hiding dirty mechanics away from direct view.

The ingenuity in the design does not stop there EV design myself. The futuristic vehicle needs an equally futuristic key, and SAIC’s plans to activate the vehicle include the RYZR Smart-JKT. The simple act of sitting on the seat with this jacket will give the rider access to the controls. We also hope that it offers some protection, as the vehicle does not look like it was built with any protection.

SAIC Design plans to provide more details about this project, which is still underway. We definitely can’t wait to see a prototype and we will present you the latest on this issue.

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