Find this Reader a Workhorse Sweater!

Women, one of us is looking for an everyday sweater …

“The question for #CoHHiveMind: where can I find a simple, neutral sweater that will look nice when I leave school and office and weekend brunch? I’ve been inside for almost two years and I’m ready to do something new. I basically want a comfortable sweater that can break hearts. Help ! ”- M.

Great question! We are in it. Here are eight options:

2021 best sweaters for fall

The Everyday Crewneck: A friend recently tried this Target sweater, and said it is beautifully cut.

2021 best sweaters for fall

Soft cashmere: I have a reliable J. Crew sweater for almost a decade now their new cut it’s the same, except it’s quieter and even smoother. Bonus: It has 17 colors.

2021 best sweaters for fall

Pop Color: How nice of this one pink cardigan? You can walk down the street and cheer up the winter.

2021 best sweaters for fall

Warm hug: How he likes it alpaka henley sound? I love the old school atmosphere and the big buttons.

2021 best sweaters for fall

Polo: This fall, I’ve seen sweater collars edonon. They are timeless and would look great with jeans or black pants. You can find them here cashier, cruising and arina.

2021 best sweaters for fall

Color block: Made in LA, Donni’s two-tone cardigan it would look like a fresh layer or on its own.

2021 best sweaters for fall

Half Zip: I’ve had a long-held theory: everyone looks more attractive half a zipper. Eager to see you around this fall.

2021 best sweaters for fall

The Money No Object Sweater: If you are left out, here is your place. How great these are thick stripes? Also, the cotton-silk blend is light enough to wear all year round.

Thoughts? What would you wear? What other reports would you share?

PS More questions from readers, and 14 readers have put on their best dresses (why not?).

(Photo above When Harry met Sally.)

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