Russia claims to have successfully launched a hypersonic missile from a submarine

The Russian military has successfully completed the second shot of its Zircon hypersonic missile, this time from a submarine. press release from the Russian news agency Tass. Last week, North Korea claims to have successfully tested their hypersonic rocket.

Traveling at speeds multiple of the speed of sound, hypersonic missiles are advertised as the best weapon because they can be fired quickly and their trajectory can be changed in flight. Offering a warhead option, the missile can also serve as a kinetic weapon and cause damage only from its projectile.

Earlier in July this yearRussia claims to have successfully tested its hypersonic cruise missile. On this occasion, the rocket was fired by her frigate, Admiral Grigorovich. The recent test was conducted by the Severodvinsk nuclear-powered submarine, the press release said.

Although details of the test were not disclosed, the defense ministry said the missile was aimed at a “conventional naval target” in the Barents Sea. The test data suggest that the flight course followed the specified parameters and the target was hit.

The press release also says that a shooting test was conducted in the morning, where “Zircon” was fired when the submarine was on the surface. A comment attributed to the Russian Ministry of Defense further specified the second launch, during which it was reported that the submarine was at a depth of 40 meters.

The second test launch of the hypersonic cruise missile “Zircon” was carried out by the crew of the submarine with nuclear power “Severodvinsk” for the first time under the sea surface from a depth of 40 meters in the White Sea at the Barents Sea target. the moment of surfacing to hit the target fully corresponds to the expected parameters, “said the Ministry of Defense.

The press release also repeated the comment of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Zircon missiles with speeds of 9 swings and a range of 1,000 kilometers will soon enter service. The missile contract has been signed and is expected to be fulfilled by 2025, the press release said.

After much delay in the hypersonic missile program, the U.S. military recently complete the process on its hypersonic cruise missile.

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