Samsung Patent Is An Extraordinary Easy Medical Application

Samsung is famous for their displays, whether we’re talking about mass production of OLEDs for phones, tablets, or TVs, or years ago, the files seemed to be used by Samsung for themselves. However, it looks like Samsung may be looking to take their experience and skills and apply them to another kind of show – promotional offers.

According to the patent acquired by Patently Apple, Samsung filed a patent for a display case that may have potential medical or health applications. The patent describes how the display comes with biosensors that can monitor different types of objects.

The patent describes different conditions and so on, as the display may include an EGG sensor, an ECG sensor, a blood pressure sensor, and more. It is also suggested to have an RFID antenna, an optical sensor, an optical sensor, and accessories. Skin-based sensors are not brand new.

In the past we have seen researchers try to make pants for the skin as possible used for sensing heat, and some kind of team companies have built leather jackets in the past can be detected if you have been exposed to a lot of UV. However, Samsung’s patent is different because it includes a display that can offer more details at a single glance.

There’s no word on whether Samsung intends to make their patents a reality, but seeing as the company has its own clothing, then maybe we can see some kind of ultra-thin clothing from Samsung in the future .

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