Secret doors and passages that will arouse your curiosity

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Imagine those days when you were a small child and dreamed of secret passages and hidden doors that lead to magical places that you wanted to explore. If you were one of those imaginative kids, chances are you’re a clever engineer now building secret doors, hidden libraries that lead to hidden pools, garages, and secret doors.

We bet you’ve heard some of these designs at least once or twice, but how about an underground cabinet that can store just about anything? The technology we are talking about works through a lifting mechanism that reveals the cabinet when needed, and moreover, it hides your motors, containers and lawn mower underground, avoiding possible visual contamination in your backyard.

And then there is a refrigerator that works as a portal to another world. Part of interactive art experience in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the portal was created with the help of George R. R. Martin. You don’t have to mention the shelves with this “one book” to let me into another secret room, do you? All other intriguing projects are presented in our video above. Enjoy!

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