Seinfeld Arrives at Netflix, But Today Aspect Ratios Are Deteriorating

These days, TVs have a square face. This is a departure from the old days when CRT TVs were more boxy and squarish. That means TV shows made for a long time ago used a different angle, 4: 3, compared to today’s 16: 9 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a hassle. adapting old TV shows to today’s.

This is evident in Seinfeld, the comedy TV comedy from the 90s that made its way to Netflix. The movie was eagerly awaited by many, even those who had seen it several times in the past, but unfortunately, Netflix’s 16: 9 episode “ruined” some of the part of the show.

Because of an addition to the funny jokes mentioned in the show, some were still relying on the paired “props” that were cut when Netflix used the 16: 9 aspect ratio. This is witnessed in one of the episodes titled “The Pothole”, which separated the brilliant show from the frame in the Netflix version.

We’re not sure if there are other areas that are similarly affected in trying to adjust the 4: 3 display to 16: 9, but it’s something to consider. That said, not everything was wrong with Netflix. Seinfeld has found its way on other platforms these platforms at similar levels in the past, but because of renewed interest in the series, especially with Netflix scoring a coup on such a hit war , many have now obtained for themselves.

Disney has run into similar issues in the past with some of its older movies but before making a change and releasing movies in their early stages, maybe Netflix can do something similar in the future.

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