The 12 best flat boots in any style we love

Although there is a lot of talk about the return of party clothes and “Revenge” heels as 2021 is hailed as the arrival of the new “roaring twenties”, I think it is safe to say that there is still an important place in our wardrobes today for comfort and practicality. Don’t get me wrong, I love the good fashion moment as well as the next style person, but if you ask me what I predict people will in fact to wear out on the street and not just parade in their Instagram shows, I have to say that’s it trend for autumn shoes.

Call them boring as you like, but the grip that flat boots have on fashion right now is undeniable. Not just flat boots, though. Thick, rubber soles and especially soles of the ears are the defining characteristic of the strongest boots of the season. Oh, not to mention, they’re also practical. Flat boots of all kinds had a remarkable presence on the fall / winter 2021 runways from Stella McCartney’s raised channels to Ghana’s contrasting green soles and were paired with everything from light knit dresses to cool leather jackets, showing their unparalleled flexibility.

Just a month of fashion, it is already clear from street style scene that flat boots also affect the IRL. For further proof that they are the most worn (and dare I say the best), scroll down to see the best look of the track and street style and then, of course, shop for the best flat boots on the market, in our opinion.

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