The best sweatshirts for men in 2021: Champion, Todd Snyder, Nike and others

The best men’s sweatshirts with a crew prove that the wrong ones are wrong. Currently the phrase “wardrobe needed” is almost as commonly used as “streetwear” in the men’s clothing universe, but it still has one style that deserves the label: the gray sweatshirt with a fitted neck. It is basic in the best way—Cozy as a campfire on the beach, never worn, and an integral part of men’s clothing (not to mention the cinematography).

The crew’s modest gray sweatshirt helped Steve McQueen avoid capture The Great Escape, strengthened the heart of John Travolta in Lubricationand made Eddie Murphy a bad man Beverly Hills Cop. Paul Newman, the patron saint of casual men’s clothing, wore it religiously. Even today, a list of famous – and famous stylish – guys still trust him.

The attractiveness has equal parts in shape and function, a different combination of hard-earned strength, wrapped in the exterior-covered exterior of fine cotton knit. (Think of it as the perfect baguette for menswear: hard on the outside and soft as a cloud on the inside.) But the style’s enduring popularity also means the market is flooded with twists on athletics-inspired classics, and finding the right one can feel like more quarrel than it is worth. To help you pursue your own status as a menswear icon, we have searched for all the highest quality, extremely versatile, absolutely best men’s sweatshirts available today. [Insert endlessly quotable movie line here.]

The best Crewneck multifunctional sweatshirt

Todd Snyder + Champion medium weight pocket sweatshirt

Central to Todd Snyder’s talents is that he knows how clothes should fit — and fit well — real people, not slim male models named Sven. This sweatshirt is hugged in the right places (biceps, back) and relaxed where you want it to be (neck, abdomen). Snyder is also not the type to call if he designs the best version of iconic menswear. Every detail of this crew neck, from the wider cuffs to the thicker waist belt to the chest pocket to the V-stitch under the collar to the raglan sleeve (the type that is attached at an angle to the neck, not the shoulder) , is cut from the types of standard tank tops that boys wore in high school and over the weekend more than 50 years ago, just rethought the right way for today’s tastes. Like most of our favorite sweatshirts, it is made of a mixture of cotton and polyester (in this case 80/20), which provides the right combination of structure and softness (as pleasant to the touch on the outside, as spongy on the inside). All this – combined with a perfect shade of heather gray – makes a sweatshirt that looks good in any situation you can imagine, whether you go out with jeans and pants on the weekend or pair it with an oxford and tweed jacket in the office.

The best Crewneck sweatshirt at affordable prices

Polar sweatshirt by Russell Athletic Dri-Power

If your sweatshirt budget is definitely smaller, your first stop should be Russell Athletic, an Alabama sportswear that literally invented the crew’s sweatshirt back in 1926. Almost a century later, they still prove to be the best. for you. Dollar option on the market – classically cut (the size is smaller if the big and pleated is not your mood) of thick fleece for only $ 20 per pop.

The best indecently comfortable sweatshirt with sleeves

Jersey sweatshirt from around the world made of cotton blend

Let’s just say you don’t really care how much your sweatshirt looks. Instead, all that really matters to you is that it is soft. Criminally soft. So soft that every time you put it on, you immediately feel ready to take a nap. So soft that after a few wears with a T-shirt or button underneath, you start skipping the average man and just wearing it yourself. Making Entireworld organic cotton is just as absurdly cozy — and since it was designed by Scott Sternberg, who is very interested in what your sweatshirt looks like, it also has a flat-fitting fit and all the extra mile details you’d expect from crew of $ 90.

The best historically accurate sweatshirt with sleeves

The sweat of the crew of the real McCoy of 10 ounces

Even by Japanese standards, The Real McCoy’s obsession with the Americana vintage feels unique and strange. Since the beginning of the year, the small Kobe label has become a legend in men’s clothing because of its meticulous reproduction of icons from the early 20th century: a leather bomber jacket A-2, handmade from leather from a real deal; edge jeans sewn with a chain just like Levi’s in the 40’s; herringbone coats that look like they came straight from the shelf of an Old West department store. Their sweatshirts are, not surprisingly, just as carefully crafted – the fabric is spun on 20-wheeled machines and then all sewn together on retro sewing machines. If you really want to feel like one of the mid-century characters we mentioned above – your McQueens and Newmans and the like – then this is the way to go.

25 More Crewneck Sweatshirts We Love

J.Crew French T-shirt with T-shirt and equipment

French fringe, all American way.

Decisions of the newspaper “Banks” with a spotted crew sweatshirt

Proof that patch pockets don’t have to be the only domain of your weakest structured sewing.

Alex Mill in a team sweatshirt

Alex Mill’s sweatshirt is like a hit song that you can’t stop banging when you repeat. Add it to your wardrobe and then store it all year round.

Oversized sweater T-shirt by John Elliott

A sloppy cut and a slightly oversized shape give John Elliott a vintage LA vibe.

Margaret Howell Organic Cotton Knitwear Sweatshirt with Organic Cotton Knitwear

A fair warning: If you haven’t dealt with the transforming power of a pair of well-fitted raglan sleeves before, it will be difficult to wear anything else.

Nike Sportswear club fleece shorts

Just buy it.

Engineering clothing from cotton knitwear

Lightweight double helmet sweatshirt Buck Mason

Sturdy on the outside, silky soft on the inside.

RRL fleece sweatshirt

As with all classic American things, Ralph absolutely nails the crew’s sweatshirt.

Carhartt WIP Chase Crew Sweatshirt

Everything as fragile and durable as you would expect from the first name in workwear.

Classic LLBean sweatshirt with crew

Soft but essential.

3 sixteen sweatshirts with heavy equipment

These are the pockets for us.

Studio D’Artisan sweatshirt on a bicycle

Leave this to the selvage affinicodes at Studio D’Artisan to elevate the modest crew to new heights using the extremely rare Suvin Gold cotton.

Knitted sweatshirt with cotton band with strap “Sal”

Here’s how a CEO dresses.

Brunello Cucinelli cotton blend sweatshirt

The Italian fabric wizard, known for his decadent soft cashmere, also makes a killer cotton door.

Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams sweatshirt

Pharrell’s ongoing partnership with the Three Stripes covers not only shoes: together, they also compile a list of edible staple wardrobes.

Craig Green sweatshirt with ties

Diehard Craig Green stans flip for designer interpreted workwear every season. Now you know why.

Reigning Champ Medium Sweatshirt

The the best hood on the market remain all sorts of excellent without the hood.

French fringe crew from Everlane

Given how good they are cashmere,, tees, and jeans are, Everlane’s hard suckers are sometimes overlooked. Let’s fix this.

Champion LIFE sweatshirt with back weave

Even minus Todd Snyder’s shrewd eye, Champion makes a hell of a good sweatshirt.

Mott & Bow football sweatshirt

An elegant-looking sweatshirt – no contrasting stitching on the neck or sleeves, if that’s not your thing – filled with a suitable medium-weight cotton.

Hanes Ecosmart fleece sweatshirt

It is difficult to beat the base of bare bones at the cost of bare bones.

Buy heather gray crew

The brand behind ours walking shoes now he is sweating and deadly. Don’t miss the right pants and hats.

Gap vintage soft sweatshirt (was $ 40, discount 32%)

Gap’s sweat remains as soft, reliable and comfortable for the wallet as ever.

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