These new autumn brackets are designed to become a classic

Ask someone about theirs top autumn brackets, and guaranteed that the list will stay almost the same no matter where you go. Wed. usual suspects: classic fresh trench coat, black leather ankle boots and a knitted sweater with a cord, etc., (you understand the essence). They all have a permanent place in our wardrobes for a good reason – they are universal, timeless and will never feel out of place in the changing tastes of the industry. Although the classics will always get a lot of sartory play, lately our immediate attention has shifted a bit elsewhere.

Slightly stronger than typical seasonal piecesbut not too fashionable to become a fashion victim, there is a new vintage of brackets coming out of the fashion landscape. Initially, they have now proven to have a longer shelf life, which exceeds the typical trend cycle. Plisse pleats and tight boots are just two of the new school foundations I constantly find these days, and can I say they are better than the “classics”? Scroll to see the full list of items that I consider a new classic, and shop them along the way.

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