USB-C Logos Will Make It Easy To Choose The Right Cable

USB-C cables may all look similar and you might assume they are all interchangeable. It’s easy to think so, but no, not all USB-C cables are the same. USB-C rather than referring to the shape of the connection, means a cable you use for data transfer may not have to make the cut when it comes to financing a laptop.

And, how do you know which wire to choose? You can go the easy and expensive route of buying a formal cable, but if you want third cables, there’s good news ahead. The USB Implementers Forum announced their plans to promote logos for different types of USB-C cables.

These signals can be used on the packaging of the box cable and on the cable or the actual port, types such as the USB-A 3.0 port distinguished from the old port with a blue interior. This will inform users of the power supported by the cable and speed up data recording, so users can clearly see which cable is designed to be better for data recording. recorded rather than funded.

However, since USB-IF these signals are not regulated. This means that the person on the wire is up to decide if they want to put these bells on their packaging. Obviously it would be best to have clear and distinct packaging, but since it’s not mandatory, your mileage can vary from brand to brand, but hopefully that’s something we’ll see best used companies in the future.

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