3 Ways to Avoid Clicking Links in Spam Emails, Also Block Them

Unsolicited spam emails are emails sent to people they have not agreed to accept. Such emails are sent for the promotion of a service / product or used for malicious and misleading reasons. Examples of such spam include counterfeit money and emails that contain viruses such as plugins. In this article, you will learn how to know email email and 3 easy ways to avoid clicking and blocking them.

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How to Avoid Clicking on Links to Spam Emails, block them

Before we dig deeper into avoiding spam emails, let’s first understand ‘How does a spammer get to your email address? ‘. This can happen for a number of reasons, some of the most common reasons are:

  • You have created your email address broad by being posted on certain ‘social networking sites’ or used to participate in a public activity.
  • Your email address is part of a size breach of information it was created by some hackers and posted online.
  • You are suddenly clicking a bad link and provide information without checking its authenticity.

Identify and Avoid Clicking Links to Spam Emails

The first and important step for this system is to understand the spam identification. You can determine whether an email is spam or not by following these 3 simple steps.

1. Check the sender’s email address

The first step to identifying a spam email is check the email address. Lots of fake emails pretend to coffee an email from a well -known name / service. However, the email address of the sender is still ignored.

In the example above, you can notice that the sender is pretending to be sending an email from However, does not use an email address like ‘’ to send an email to their customers. It states that spam emails and clear sent for evil hope

2. Check the Source (Origin) of the Email

The second way to detect the presence of spam mail is to check reason for the email. If you’re using Gmail, you can easily check it out by following these steps.

  • Open the email you suspect is spam.
  • Click on three-letter symbol to the right of the mail header.
  • Press it up Show the First to open the source email address.

  • Write down to check “Come, Come, Ye Saints ” address to the resource. If it’s an email, it will often be different and suspicious to read / interpret.


Spammers keep the ‘Reply to’ address separate from an email address that has not received a response.

3. Observed Text (Errors) or Poorly Setting

The third way to identify an email client is to look for the format of the email. In most cases, Spam emails are included typos or poor classification of contents. For example,


In the example above, you can clearly observe the poor modeling and the presence of grammatical errors to identify an email address. What up, avoid clicking on links prepared in those emails.

4. Observe Links and Post Questions for Personal Information or Money

Spam emails that ask for your personal information and require money through “sextortion” are common in the spam world. Such emails will blackmail you for sending money in the form of Bitcoins. The types of emails that claim to have pornographic lies against you. DON’T BE AFRAID! Ignore emails and report to Online transportation.


Block Spam Emails

Now that you’ve learned how to detect the presence of a spam email, we learn ways to avoid it get emails from reaching your account by blocking them.

1. Use an Anti-Spam Software

There are many trusted Anti-Spam Programs available on the internet from many cyber-security companies such as Norton. This program always looks and looks for suspicious email addresses. These emails may have malicious links and be blocked by this program before they reach your inbox. Many Antivirus Programs today are available as a collection of applications offering complete spam filtering protection.


2. Use Spam Detector in Gmail

Gmail has given its users the ability to filter emails to alert the user to spam. Gmail and the associated club automatically identify all emails in the ‘Spam‘Tab. Gmail

On the other hand, if you think a specific email is spam, you can also handle it signs of Spam to avoid receiving.

gmail spam

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3. Use a different Email address

Be on the safe side and avoid receiving spam emails, create and use another ‘score email addresses. This will help you stay safe from spammers in any form of social media and social engagement / participation. Try not to use your Personal or Work Account for social interaction.

Bonus Assistance

If you want to know if your email address or phone number was part of any lost records, you can use services like ‘Am I PWned?’ and enter your email address there. It will let you know if your account has been adjusted and you can change your password or email ID as well.

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Wrap it up

In this article, you may have learned how to detect, avoid and block spam emails from your email address. If you find this informative article, please share it with your loved ones to help keep them safe. Let’s like and stay organized for more textual information.

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