9 readers being essential staff

15 readers being essential staff

The world has been playing for the last two years, and no one understands this more than the key workers who come out of their homes every day. Here, nine amazing women share their stories …

Above: “I am a respiratory therapist. We manage patients who protect our lives and unfortunately we are also the ones who have to remove the respiratory tract at the end of life. I remember holding hands with patients to find out that they were not alone. I remember the moments of silence after I passed. I remember the faces of my colleagues, broken and tired. Being a health worker in this pandemic has changed me; I know I can do hard things, but I’m not the same person I was two years ago. Thank you to everyone who fought this battle in any way. We see you. “- Everything

“As a special education teacher, I have eight beautiful rays of light in class. Half are in the outpatient department and half are wheelchair bound. Love is found in every corner of this room. My husband is also a teacher, but he works in another school for secondary school teachers (bless him). ”- Ginelle

15 readers being essential staff

“I have a coffee company, and we’ve been open to staff and communities. We quickly saw that there were only people there, so we gave my phone number and delivered coffee to our region. Seeing our customers from their aisles felt like a miracle. We give people their rightful place, even for a few minutes. ” – Julia

15 readers being essential staff

“I’m a flight attendant. At first, when the whole world was closing in, it looked like a scene from the Titanic where the ship was sinking but the band is still playing. I was afraid to go to work. But travelers have gone out of their way to express their gratitude. Bring a box of chocolates to the team or make eye contact and say “Thank you for being here!” it can turn into a frustrating day. However, the best thing passengers can do is wear a mask on their nose, mouth and chin throughout the flight and smile with their eyes. I promise you do that and your crew will smile. “- Erica

15 readers being essential staff

“I am an assistant at Boston Public Library Teen Services. Since we reopened our doors, teenagers have been very excited to have a safe space outside of their home to learn, play and do all sorts of things. ”- Michelle

“I’ve been an essential employee of Trader Joe since Before Times, then from the time I saved the toilet paper and so far. Working with difficult clients among our colleagues (and regulars) has been moments of being together in our wine section. Thank you to the food staff for their awareness. and we often forget. So we appreciate appreciation! ”- Mackenzie

15 readers being essential staff

“I am a therapist at one of the largest juvenile detention centers in the country. We serve children between the ages of 10 and 17 who are awaiting trial for allegedly committing crimes (avoidance of arrest, serious theft, etc.). The visit has been closed since the pandemic began, which means our neighbors with more serious allegations have sometimes gone missing without seeing their parents for a year. These COVID times are hard, especially for children in terrifying situations who feel completely alone. ”- Maria

15 readers being essential staff

“I’m a doctor at a community health center. I took this selfie in March 2020, the first day I saw COVID patients. I had no idea how much everyone would change! We have been one of the only testing sites to consistently provide free trials to the community, and at the same time we have tested thousands and thousands of patients. ”- Anni

15 readers being essential staff

“I am a librarian at an elementary school. During COVID, when schools were closed, I would come twice a week and make book bags for all 300+ students. It was a lot of work, but at a frightening time, it was a privilege to send books home to students and their families. When the kids are back, the library is so happy – they were really missing the books! “- Rakel

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the essential staff!

PS New York Pandemic Covers and 12 readers share their pleasant corners.

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