Apple Expands Its Certification to High School

While learning is labeled as a more complex type of topic, it is not. The reason is because all the marking is required and learning to think, since computers can’t think like you and me, it needs to be taught about how to do things. For example, it can be a good lesson even if the school isn’t planned to start with a coding job.

Apple has its own coding training system with Swift Playgrounds, but it looks like the company is now expanding coding training with a new “Everyone Can Learn Learning Programs” program, which will be extended to its training courses by including students from infancy as well as those in elementary school, all the way to college.

According to Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Education and Development Marketing, “Apple is now offering scholarships for educators from elementary school to college, challenging them to design amazing programs that are inclusive and easy for users to find. Our resources and support for educators are designed to prepare students to be the new members of tomorrow, whether they are just starting out or ready to build their first program. “

This new app will be available through the Swift Playgrounds app and will be a free access for families and educators. If you want to learn more about it, you can head on over on Apple’s website for details.

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