Black Halloween table, for a scary but chic dinner

If you’re planning on taking a clever but stylish vacation that we love together, you’re in luck. Our black table in Halloween is one of those dreamy things, nightmares, and even if you don’t love the scary times, you can’t deny the wonder of this dark and humorous scene. From Halloween decorations to food, almost all of the items are colorless, but thanks to the texture and natural light, the overall concept is beautiful and appealing.

Want to celebrate All Hallow Eve in the most chic and mature way possible? Find a black-and-white dinner concept to kill.

* photo Kate LeSueur; location SHDW studios

Each place was made up of aces black dinner plate, black salad plate, a linen charcoal scarf, and mix and match the bowls.

Our center really is made table. We arranged the dark flowers and greenery in the old medications and scattered them along the table. We added some black books to the mix, and we wove more greens all over to create a garland.

Of course, the design would not have been complete without the flickering candle. These 3-arm chandeliers, vintage brass and claw candles they were the perfect solution to the black-and-white of our old vision.

Carmen has done these wax-soaked roses to be placed in each seat. Deep crime goes against black details of all colors, and at best, the wax keeps the roses forever, achieving the perfect favor for the party.

We met our friends here Loot Vintage Rentals it would have everything needed to complete this look. We borrowed it these wooden folding chairs from them, plus tons vintage silver plate to serve our food.

To turn it on terribly, I took some old family photos Austin Antique Mall (Etsy it also has a bunch) and places them in the middle. Nothing is more disturbing than feeling like you’re watching!

I’ll be the first to admit what I’ve never met cheese board I didn’t like it, but this dark and decadent one might still be my favorite. We piled up brie, salami, grapes, rye toast, fig chutney and candied walnuts on a large silver plate for a delicious nasty display.

Did you catch Camille The “kitchen sink” is the chocolate bar of Halloween recipe? I love that it takes colorful Halloween candy for the kids and turns it into a dessert that deserves a dinner party.

These caramel apples they were even tastier than they looked, and we made them using a healthy alternative to the typical sugar version.

Let the guests eat cheese and charcoal when they arrive …

… Then serve the family style of the main dish.

A great drink for this menu? Red wine, of course. We served ours these glasses of glass water.

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