Gravwell is raising $ 3 million in seed funding to change how cybersecurity teams collect and use data.

Gravwell, a startup based in Coeur d’Alene, has secured $ 3 million in seed funding to expand the company’s data fusion and analysis platform.

The funding round was attended by Next Frontier Capital, Gula Tech Adventures, Kickstart Fund and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest, some of the most important venture capital firms of the decade. Les Craig, a partner at Next Frontier Capital, decided to take part in the round by stating:

“Gravwell’s data fusion is the next generation solution for the right reasons. In an industry that reminds users to ban prescription limits and cost prices, typically due to the technical limitations below, Corey and his team place tremendous value on customers being able to collect and analyze the integrity of their data without limitation. We couldn’t be more excited about Gravwell’s people, their product and the potential for that investment to disrupt an industry. “

Craig, who created RedOwl Analytics, will join Ron Gula of the Tenable team and John Matherly of Shodan along with the Gravewell governing board, which already brings together cybersecurity experts with extensive experience getting startups off the ground.

Gravwell was created with the mission of empowering “teams to swallow everything and research anything – everything without limits”. The capital will help startups accomplish this mission by increasing customer success and sales operations as Fortune 1000 customer orders progress. Corey Thuen, CEO of Gravwell, said of this success:

“We are very proud of the value we place on our customers. There are few tools that spend 40 terabytes a day and no one collects all the data they want. On our platform, they will never have to decide which data to use or lose, they are ALL their data. We are happy Our investors at Next Frontier, Kickstart and Rise of the Rest share our vision to unleash our customer data analytics capabilities in a market that is truly built to sustain them.With their support, we will continue to increase our customer operations with knowledge, trust and deserving customer care. “.

Gravwell aims to become a major player in the industry by providing companies with unlimited data ingestion and retention, facilitating mergers and analyzes. By acquiring these capabilities, Cybersecurity teams can better assess data and respond to threats by taking a proactive approach and reducing the risk of losing millions of dollars in the process.

Big data analysis is expected to reach the market $ 20 trillion by 2023, the company is making efforts to continue data recording and analysis on a large scale, as existing solutions do not scale at the required speed. This is particularly worrying cybersecurity as the industry’s risk of cyberattacks increases, it is expected to reach more than $ 10.5 trillion by 2025.

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