How to make a rotary rolling machine from basic elements

Don’t worry about polishing rusty metal bits by hand when you can build a rotating rolling machine instead.

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I have some rusty metal bits that they need good polishing? Then use some basic materials to make your own rotary cup machine.

Follow this simple guide to find out how.

Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

As you can imagine, like any project of this nature, you will need some tools and materials before you start.

Necessary materials and equipment

With all your tools and tools at hand, now is the time to start building.

Step 1: Prepare the main body

The first step is to measure and cut the wood to size to form a square of wood. This should be slightly larger than the diameter of your plastic jar.

After doing this, mark a circle in the middle of the square of wood and cut it with a band saw.

This circle / disc should have the same diameter of the plastic jar of your choice (which will act as the main drum for the cup).

wooden self-service circles
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

After doing this, find the exact center of the wooden circle and drill a hole through it. Then, using a belt sander or orbital sander, clean the cut edges of the circle as needed.

Then take your big plastic jar. Remove the cover and drill another hole through its center. Then take your wooden circle one more time and drill four holes with about 3/4 radius at four intersecting angles of 90 degrees.

Drill appropriate holes for the lid of the plastic jar.

Then take a wooden strip of the same height as the jar and drill two holes at both ends.

lid for a cup for cooking alone and a wooden disk
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

Once you have done this, take the plastic lid of the jar and the wooden disc and mount the two together using nuts, washers and bolts of the appropriate size, as shown above.

Then drill two more holes in the main plastic jar to match the holes in the wooden strip you created earlier. Then take the wooden tape and fasten it to the jar, using more bolts inside the jar.

DIY toggle switch wooden bar inner
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

Rinse and repeat to add three more strips of wood at 90 degrees to each other.

Step 2:

Then measure and cut a few more pieces of wood to the dimensions described in the video. After doing this, take the smaller piece and run a hole through it as shown below.

These two halves will be used to form wooden defects to hold an electric drill.

handmade wood
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

This cuts the wood to split the hole in half with a core, and then drills a few holes on either side of the halves of the circle along their vertical edges. Then take the other piece of wood (for the base of the cup) and attach four wheels on one side as shown below.

do-it-yourself cup wheels
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

After doing this, add a layer of wood glue to the opposite side of the wheels and glue the larger of the two core vices in place. Turn in place.

do-it-yourself cup end plate
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

After doing this, take your electric drill and secure it in place using a pair of bolts in the mounting module of the device.

installation of a duy tanning drill
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

Then add a long bolt to the center of the wooden / plastic jar disc and secure it in place in the jaws of the electric drill. Now add the main plastic jar to the lid and place it on the rotating wheels.

hand cup on site
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

After doing this, make a small block of wood of the same height between the mounting of the vise and the bottom of the drill. Drill a hole and insert a bolt at the top so that it can be used to keep the button to activate the drill pressed.

Place on the mounting (but do not glue or screw – the weight of the drill will hold it in place).

Step 3: Finish and test your glass

Then take out the jar and fill it with glass medium. After doing this, take the rusty pieces of metal you want to polish and drop them in the middle.

After doing this, spray in a little polishing liquid for good measure. Attach the jar (with all its contents) to the lid of the main cup and make sure it is completely secure.

Then tighten the bolt to the drill trigger until the drill is fully engaged and allow the cup to do its job.

do it yourself cup test
Source: The dump – Origin of creativity / YouTube

Wait about 30 minutes and then stretch the bolt to deactivate the drill. Now you should have a handful of well-polished metal bits.


If you like this design, you may like to make another piece of a do-it-yourself kit. How about, for example, your own combi-miter and table saw?

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