Russian T-34 received a major upgrade. A MiG-21 jet engine?

A T-34 tank and MiG-21 jet engines can only mean a reign of destruction. But a Hungarian trio ensures that the recipient of this anger is not a man, but a vile raging fire, and has created perhaps the largest fire truck in the world has seen so far.

It would be unusual for all its Russian parts if the concept was not also Russian. Like Car and driver Reports, the Soviets installed MiG-15 engines on trucks to put out fires in oil wells and even clear snow from airports. Although this may not be the most ingenious use of powerful engines, the Hungarian company saw its usefulness in extinguishing fires in Kuwait and provided a reliable chassis to T-34 tank before taking off on a C-130 cargo plane. The rest, as they say, is history.

The jet engines of the tank look like weapons ready to fire jet explosions, and they really do. Except that engineers from the Hungarian company used pipes to drain water over the outlets of the jet. The result is water rushing into a fire at a speed of 770 miles per hour (1,239 km / h).

The principle of extinguishing the fire is simple. The jets cut the flame from the flame. The reason fires in oil wells look like a torch is that only at this height does the oil find enough oxygen to sustain its combustion, and as it burns, the flow oil takes its place. Jet sprays can immediately stop this seemingly endless cycle and then use the flow to cool the area, preventing ignition.

The fire brigade consists of three crew members, a driver, an operator of jet engines, and a fire chief who instructs from outside where efforts should be made. One can only imagine how difficult it could be to find so much water to put out fires in the Kuwaiti desert. And it was. The team relies on others to dig wells and find the water they need.

With all the power of jet engines, this fire truck, although moving at almost a snail speed of 3 miles per hour (4.8 km / h) and has only one gear, forward. I guess that’s the attitude you need when you’re fighting fires of this magnitude.

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