The 33 best witches’ boots to wear all season long

When the clock strikes October, only one thing comes to me for the next 31 days: witches. Yes, that’s right, I’m deeply committed to the season of the pop culture witch and all the magically sinister things. This is not only a great excuse finally wear black from head to toe again, but the autumn equinox also marks the time to embrace autumn fashion entirely with coats, capes and hats. Because I’m not in fact witch (and to be honest, one can only own so many capes), I tend to direct my ghostly seasonal style below the knees by calling a few new couples modern boots to go with my everyday uniform of jeans and leather jackets.

Below you will find 15 witches from our favorite ghost movies and TV shows that magically guided me to the best boots for this season. Whether you have square toes, flat feet, wide calves or need a shiny shoe to walk around the cemetery and grab brooms, these first-class witches have the ability to fulfill the wishes of autumn, fashion-loving mortals everywhere. Accio shoe polish!!

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